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Perth – Pemberton – Albany and back

23rd October 2008   by Jasmin 8 Comments

We have arrived home today after a relaxing holiday down south via Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, overnight in Pemberton, through Walpole & Denmark to reach our final destination of Albany. Lack of internet access limited our ability to post – but we will do a photo a day now to catch up. Above is a […]

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Shire Banners

28th July 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Shire Banners

St Georges Terrace is now lined with these banners – each Shire/Council has put one together. Gosnells has a particularly special banner – my mum contributed to the creation of this one. Click below to see the street lined with colour.

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Puddle of the Day

27th July 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

This is what our backyard looks like today. But after lots of rain the sky turned to bright blue – you can see the reflection of the clouds in the puddle. And yes – that is a weed. But I think it looks pretty.

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8th July 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Sunrise

James took this photo a couple of weeks ago before leaving for work. We complain a lot about getting up at 5.30am but watching a sky like this on the way to work makes it a little more bearable.

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My latest love

26th June 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

Today’s highlight – the purchase of this beautiful Wish Trenchcoat.

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Tuesday’s Tulips

24th June 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

These Tulips were part of a large floral arrangement we had for a VIP breakfast today. They are now happily in a glass of water on my desk Aren’t the pretty?

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The digital world

22nd June 2008   by Jasmin 1 Comment

I was quite surprised to see that the local grocery shop has gone digital. All the prices are now displayed on these little digital screens – updating me on the previous price and then telling me how much I’ve saved.I’m sure the USA has advanced well past this point, but for me, this was an […]

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