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The Old Swan Brewery

7th December 2010   by James Comments Off on The Old Swan Brewery

Formerly The Old Swan Brewery where they used to make beer, its now been turned into an apartment and restaurant complex.

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The Eternal Flame, Kings Park

6th December 2010   by James 1 Comment

Kings Park is always a great place to visit regularly for the views of Perth city and just to walk around when the weather is great, the Kings Park gardeners are always updating the flowers regularly in and around the main tourist areas. The Eternal Flame memorial (centre of the water feature) is permanently lit […]

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Kangaroo Paw

26th August 2008   by James 5 Comments

One of Australia’s flora and fauna icons is the Kangaroo Paw, it looks quirky but has a really nice colour to it. Soft to touch like an aloe-vera plant but also has a furry feeling to it. Kings Park has plenty of these scattered around the nature trails and along the main entrance overlooking the […]

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Aspects Cafe

12th August 2008   by James 1 Comment

The cafe that overlooks Perth city and the surrounding monuments, located in the main populated area for tourists to relax and enjoy the view while snacking. Not sure what the coffee is like up there though.

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Apartment Complex

6th August 2008   by James 3 Comments

On my walk out of Kings Park I found this building to be quite interesting, I believe its been on the hillside overlooking Perth city for many years as it looks really old and almost retro up close. Seems almost like something screws into the top of it.

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Kings Park Entrance

4th August 2008   by James 1 Comment

The round-about at the top of St. Georges Terrace which then turns into Kings Park Road is the main entrance feature into Kings Park itself.

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Garden Clock

25th June 2008   by James 3 Comments

Manicured garden beds in Kings Park

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