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View from Parliament House

23rd July 2008   by James Comments Off on View from Parliament House

View from Parliament House on the west side of Perth, overlooking the city and St. Georges Terrace

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3rd July 2008   by Jasmin 3 Comments

There was a UFO over the city today. We eventually identified it as a blimp of some sort – but it was too far away to work out what it was advertising.

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Duxton Window Washing

1st July 2008   by Jasmin 3 Comments

This is the Duxton Hotel – across the road from my office. Doesn’t look much like a hotel? it used to be a taxation office. Those interested colourful little specks are window washers abseiling down the building. Click ‘read-on’ for the close-up

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My latest love

26th June 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

Today’s highlight – the purchase of this beautiful Wish Trenchcoat.

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6th June 2008   by Jasmin 3 Comments

Nothing says Autumn like a tree scattered with burnt orange leaves

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Inside London Court

5th June 2008   by Jasmin 1 Comment

I walked through London Court today, and realised I have never actually looked up and examined the buildings… It is lined with flags and little balconies with flowerbeds. In the middle of the city amongst numerous modern stores, its a very unique little spot.

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London Court

29th May 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

This is London Court – a small shopping mall in the middle of the city.

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