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Shire Banners

28th July 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Shire Banners

St Georges Terrace is now lined with these banners – each Shire/Council has put one together. Gosnells has a particularly special banner – my mum contributed to the creation of this one. Click below to see the street lined with colour.

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8th July 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Sunrise

James took this photo a couple of weeks ago before leaving for work. We complain a lot about getting up at 5.30am but watching a sky like this on the way to work makes it a little more bearable.

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Tuesday’s Tulips

24th June 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

These Tulips were part of a large floral arrangement we had for a VIP breakfast today. They are now happily in a glass of water on my desk Aren’t the pretty?

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Grey Days

24th May 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Grey Days

Lots of rainy weather in Perth lately. The above photo of the Autumn leaves in the grey puddles sums it up nicely.

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City of Perth

12th May 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on City of Perth

St Georges Terrace in Perth Usually these banners would advertise an upcoming festival or event – must not be much happening at the moment.

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Circus in Town

11th May 2008   by Jasmin 3 Comments

The circus is in town at the moment. Well actually theres two – this one is set up on the Esplanade, across the road from the Swan River. There is also one up in Joondalup.

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Fresh & Tasty

2nd May 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Fresh & Tasty

This week we are trying some fresh organic vegetables from … ….au They look great, feel really fresh and from what we’ve tried so far are very tasty.

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