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East Perth

28th October 2014   by James Comments Off on East Perth


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Hidden Face

7th June 2013   by James Comments Off on Hidden Face

Fancy patterns and splotches printed onto a glass wall, from a distance shows a face. Other related photos:

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The Eternal Flame, Kings Park

6th December 2010   by James 1 Comment

Kings Park is always a great place to visit regularly for the views of Perth city and just to walk around when the weather is great, the Kings Park gardeners are always updating the flowers regularly in and around the main tourist areas. The Eternal Flame memorial (centre of the water feature) is permanently lit […]

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Queen Victoria Statue & Cannons

27th May 2008   by James 3 Comments

Queen Victoria Statue Presented to the people of Western Australia by Mr A. Stoneham in 1902, the two guns dated 1843 may have been used in the Crimean War. Those dated 1813 and 1814 may have been used by Wellington’s army at Waterloo.

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We Built this City

9th April 2008   by Jasmin 1 Comment

How many cranes does one building site need? Three apparently.

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Bankwest Tower

4th April 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

The bankwest tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Perth. You will notice it in James’ pictures from Kings Park – its the one with the pointed top. This is the view from the pavement out front. It is 247 meters (810 feet) tall (to the antenna tip). To put this in perspective, The Empire […]

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War Memorial (Cenotaph) – Kings Park

3rd April 2008   by James 9 Comments

Such a great day for photos, so on our regular daily walks that Geoffrey (office colleague) and myself do, I took this photo of the War Memorial in Kings Park that overlooks the cityscape of Perth. Update (04.04.2008) – I found some information on the memorial: Cenotaph An 18 metre granite obelisk commemorates all Western […]

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