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Shire Banners

28th July 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Shire Banners

St Georges Terrace is now lined with these banners – each Shire/Council has put one together. Gosnells has a particularly special banner – my mum contributed to the creation of this one. Click below to see the street lined with colour.

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View from Parliament House

23rd July 2008   by James Comments Off on View from Parliament House

View from Parliament House on the west side of Perth, overlooking the city and St. Georges Terrace

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Duxton Window Washing

1st July 2008   by Jasmin 3 Comments

This is the Duxton Hotel – across the road from my office. Doesn’t look much like a hotel? it used to be a taxation office. Those interested colourful little specks are window washers abseiling down the building. Click ‘read-on’ for the close-up

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Septimus Roe

15th May 2008   by Jasmin 5 Comments

John Septimus Roe was the first Surveyor-General of Western Australia. This statue of him suddenly appeared one day on the street corner, adding a little more interest to an otherwise boring intersection.

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City of Perth

12th May 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on City of Perth

St Georges Terrace in Perth Usually these banners would advertise an upcoming festival or event – must not be much happening at the moment.

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Perth Concert Hall

28th April 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on Perth Concert Hall

Perth Concert Hall on St Georges Terrace. I am fortunate enough to work directly across the road from this place. The building is nothing special, but because it is only a few stories high we have a beautiful view of the Swan River which is right behind it.

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St Georges Cathedral

17th April 2008   by Jasmin Comments Off on St Georges Cathedral

St Georges Cathedral on.. you guessed it.. St Georges Terrace! I Promise a more interesting photo tomorrow.

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