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Septimus Roe

15th May 2008   by Jasmin 5 Comments

John Septimus Roe was the first Surveyor-General of Western Australia. This statue of him suddenly appeared one day on the street corner, adding a little more interest to an otherwise boring intersection.

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Perth Mint

8th April 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

These guys have just struck gold outside the Perth Mint. The statue is in front of the main entrance. I did have a shot of the building itself, but I just loved the expression on this guy’s face.

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Businessmen Through Time

2nd April 2008   by Jasmin 2 Comments

These bussinessmen statues are outside St Martin’s Tower on St Georges Terrace – I walk passed these daily and had not noticed the theme – now I see the differences between the men (the style of hat being the most obvious). The gentleman leading the way is holding a mobile phone to his ear… click […]

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